Life’s invitations

” Life’s invitations don’t always come in an envelope with our name on it. Some are kind, others not so much. But we don’t have to wait for Life to invite us. We can courtship our selves with the creation of a dream.”

The dance of Life

Life is a dance to which we’re all invites, even if we don’t always feel it this way. Many times we prefer to hang out around the dance floor but in our hearts, we know we long to dance. Maybe the next song?

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Partners of Cocreation


Through birth, we all received our most precious gift of all. The gift of creation. We are all the living proof of that. We take it for granted and forget about our amazing capacity to create new life.

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Cocktail of Love


We all carry within us an imprint of "love". It installs itself through our early life experiences. Even though every cocktail has its own taste and flavour, they are all made of the same basic ingredients.

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Radio Love


You, me & all of us, we are all Radio Love. We broadcast our own radio show into the air. All of our programs are unique and special but underneath, we all transmit the same.

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